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  • May, 27 2019
    Tyler Gervase
    My first car buying experience was horrendous. But the Rep. Derek was at least nice, I guess. I came looking for 2 specific cars on their website. And called multiple times confirming they were there. I got there and of course they just sold not one but both cars. Hmmmmm should've left when I heard that. Anyways I saw something in the lot similar and in my price range etc. Test drove it and I pointed things out that surely lowered the asking price for the car I purchased (a.k.a the start of rust on a rear wheel well). We eventually came to a agreed upon amount $800 off sticker and they said I'd get free oil changes as well! Not needed at all but Cool! Being my first car purchase and having no family/friends as support at the time. I trusted this statement and shook hands. Signed the paperwork (didn't look at it because I'm dumb) etc And left. Got home to see Not only did they raise the sticker price by $1,000 they also incorrectly processed my down payment had to give me $500 back and didn't give me any coupons for oil changes. My brakes started squeaking constantly before I even got the car home. Went back two days later to be fed lies that they just replaced rotors and pads etc, and that the car was safe. Didn't feel safe to me. The whole car vibrated and shook if you started stopping above 50mph. All they could do now was put more "new" ones in out of my pocket. Nice. I did just that, myself. found out it was the caliper. I wouldn't waste my time with these guys ever again, service, sales, honesty, integrity are all lacking here. I should've been smarter, and I take most the blame. Just won't be stopping by here again.
    Edit: They did call, I tried to get back in touch and constantly played phone tag with them, last contact I had was me leaving a voicemail for them. I have not received a call from them since. I'd still like a resolution, and would be happy to edit this review further if contact is ever made. Also they said the sales manager has changed since my purchase, that's good news if you decide to stop here.
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